African cities with the strongest economic power

For African cities, gaining significant economic power is not only an indication of national pride, but also a fundamental requirement for long-term growth, regional influence, and global integration. Economic power has a direct correlation with a country’s ability to promote development and decrease poverty. High economic power allows governments to invest in crucial infrastructure, healthcare, education, and social services.

African cities with significant economic power are positioned to wield more influence on regional and global platforms. Economic power gives nations greater influence in international negotiations, allowing them to effectively fight for their interests in trade treaties, climate change talks, and geopolitical alliances.

Economically powerful African states may also take the lead in regional projects, promoting deeper economic integration and collaboration throughout the continent through organizations like the African Union and regional economic communities.

Additionally, a strong economy appeals to foreign investors looking for stable settings with growth prospects, among other advantages.

With that said here are the cities in Africa with the strongest economic power, according to the Global HNWI Index by Global Residence Index.

181 global cities are ranked by the Global HNWI Index by Global Residence Index. A total of 18 separate indexes, all related to what makes a place desirable for Global Citizens to relocate, are included in the ranking, one of which is the economic power of the cities listed.

To establish an overall ranking of cities, Global Citizens gave each of our 18 distinct indicators a separate weight. The Global Citizens rating follows the Global Citizen perspective and may be different from other rankings, such as the Quality of Life Index.

A large portion of the indices are designed with the affluent in mind, while others, like the luxury and passport indexes, wouldn’t be included in a typical Quality of Life Index.

African cities with the strongest economic power

[th]Economic power index[/th]
1. Johannesburg South Africa 0.3
2. Cape Town South Africa 0.28
3. Cairo Egypt 0.26
4. Lagos Nigeria 0.24
5. Casablanca Morocco 0.22
6. Algiers Algeria 0.17
7. Luanda Angola 0.14
8. Dar es Salaam Tanzania 0.14

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