Abroad-based man calls out wife for not doing house chores after he left for work, labels her a liability

An abroad-based man blasts his wife for failing to keep the house neat and tidy after he went for work, as he labels her a liability.

The man revealed that he had gone out to work only to return home and see his house in a messy state.

He showed how she left the dirty plates in the kitchen sink unwashed.

Pieces of items were seen lying around in the house in a way that made everywhere look dirty and cluttered.

Abroad-based man calls out wife for not doing house chores after he left for work, labels her a liability

He walked up into the bedroom to confront her, querying her about what she’s been doing that made her not to take care of their home.

The wife explained that she had accompanied some of her female friends to the supermarket.

At this his husband berated her, telling her that she’s a liability to him.

Read some comments below:

simplydashey said: “The day she washed the plates and Y cleaned up did you tell us/ show us??? BUGS”

michelle_erima said: “Just look at how a husband is Oo downgrading and embarrassing his 70 wife publicly with his words. This same woman can become the best version of herself if you just choose to be supportive and understanding to whatever she is dealing with and that’s where the pride of being a good husband is! It’s not just a title but a responsibility. But no, shaming her publicly in your Opinion is the best approach. Some people shouldn’t be married.”

ololadeekundayo said: “But she has kids. This is how most 4, people’s houses look like with kids in 957 this country because people can’t exactly afford to pay for help. How do you tear down your wife like that Calling her a liability on top what? When you saw the house is dirty why didn’t you help her to clean it.”

sandraiheuwa said: “If you were married to a white or, foreign woman, you won’t do this instead you will even help her wash the dishes. Please keep the same energy with the Nigerian woman”

eaglebernardsouza said: “You self stay at home with the children, for one day and re~examine all what you just said”

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