8 worshippers dead, 28 hospitalized as man sets mosque ablaze in Kano

According to report, Tragedy struck in Kano as a man set a mosque ablaze during early morning prayers, killing at least 8 worshippers and injuring 28 others. The incident occurred due to a dispute over inheritance distribution, according to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Umar Sanda. The suspect, who is now in custody, used a locally made bomb to commit the crime.

A local source confirmed that 32 people were involved in the incident, with 28 hospitalized and 4 sustaining minor injuries. The victims were rushed to Murtala Specialist Hospital and Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. The source also stated that 8 people have died, with 2 already buried and 6 others being prepared for burial.

The police and other security agencies have visited the hospitals to assess the situation. The Commissioner of Police and the Director of Department of State Service (DSS) were among those who visited the victims. The incident is not believed to be related to terrorism, but rather a result of a personal dispute.

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