10 African countries with the strongest military power in 2024

The military stands as one of the most relevant institutions in the world, serving as a foundation for security and stability at the global, regional, and national levels.

A recent index by Global Firepower’s shows the military strength of some countries globally. The index ranks 145 nations’ militaries, weighing various factors like the volume of sophistication of its equipment, finances, geography, and resources.

In an earlier report on military ranking in Africa, we noted that while the GFP can give us a good idea of the African countries with the strongest military power, it’s key to know that a country’s military scene can be shaped by alliances, diplomatic ties, and tech advancements.

According to the index, Egypt is ranked the most powerful military force in Africa and 15th globally. Algeria and South Africa follow closely in second and third positions, securing the 26th and 33rd positions globally.

Below are the 10 African countries with the strongest military power in 2024:

[th]Global Rank[/th]
[th]PwrIndx Score[/th]
1 Egypt 15th 0.2283
2 Algeria 26th 0.3589
3 South Africa 33rd 0.4632
4 Nigeria 39th 0.5619
5 Ethiopia 49th 0.7938
6 Angola 55th 0.8702
7 Morocco 61st 1.0081
8 Democratic Republic of the Congo 73rd 1.2491
9 Tunisia 74th 1.2881
10 Sudan 76th 1.4119

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